I prefered doing men's hair to women. I opened my first shop, 'Heads Up' in Epsom back in 2006 and within 3 years had opened my 2n in Nork (Banstead) and then opened 3rd in Bookham a years later. the trouble with that is the bigger you get the less personal things become!! And my family and I are all about personal.

You see we live in a society where we're always rushing around and become quite disconnected from each other with busy lives, smart phones, social media etc, and what that means is we can live in a virtual word without realy connecting with anyone. No, no not for me, I'm all about personal!!!

I decided to sell 2 of my shops, both of which I might add are still running successfully, and bring back that personal touch. I wanted somewhere people cold come and connect with each other. Have a chat and a laugh or even a bit of therapy.
I now work in Nork Way shop with my eldest son who also cuts hair and I've got my godson there weekends maiking sure the customers get their tea or coffee. Even the wife's involved. She's a beauty therapist and has been for over 25 years, she specialises in wacxing and skincare and between the two of us on a Thursday night you can have a real good pampering session. Mother in law is involved running here there and everywhere to make sure the shops stocked up. My youngest, he's 10, well, who knows what his future holds but one things for sure he'll know how to have a chat and socialise because he's always here having his hair done (that's the younger generation for you, well groomed).

As for the other guys working for me, what can I say, we're not related but we are like brothers and they all bring something unique to the shop and are the best of the best when it comes to barbering.

All that's left for me to say is if your not convinced come in and see for yourself, have a laugh, have a coffee, wath the tv if you like but most of all feel part of something special that we've created FOR YOU.

Cheers Marios & family